Lithopane 101

I really love neon lights, I think they’re fun wall art and make me pine for a time I wasn’t present for.

I decided I wanted to print someone’s excellent design for the Turing Registry from Neuromancer. It makes me feel lonely to think about this book falling out of popularity and likely being forgotten in due time. Anyway, I used Cura to import a JPG of this vector but got fairly spotty results. I then looked around the internet to find this particular StackOverflow question and answer for cleaning up a vector style image in GIMP. This fixed the compression artifacts and cleaned up the generated lithopane. Hopefully this will improve the lettering.

In case that question is removed, here are the steps.

  • Step 1: Resize to 200%
  • Step 2: Colour -> Desaturate > By lightness
  • Step 3: Colour-> Curves: (x 171 y 160, above a spike in the graph)
  • Step 4: Colour -> Colourize (i couldn’t get this to do anything)
  • Step 5: Resize to 50% (i.e. back to 100% of original)

I then imported it into Cura. For my first attempt, I’m going with a relatively small 10cm high lithopane. I’ll then try to backlight it with blue LEDs. This should hopefully give it the blue I’m looking for, but if this fails, I’ll retry in blue PLA+ with white lights. This way, it will look blue even when unlit or under harsh lighting (i.e. the sun).

I’m likely to do the same to this design.